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Industrial cutter blades for peak accuracy

Industrial cutter products by LUTZ BLADES are the preferred choice when it comes to cutting tasks in many, highly diverse fields of application. These blades feature exact cutting action and razor-like sharpness in all materials to be cut. Adherence to the closest tolerance requirements, coupled with cutting edge and blade geometries fine-tuned to the specific cutting application, ensure optimum cutting results. Thanks to a generous choice of standard blades and individually produced blades for special-purpose cutting tasks, LUTZ BLADES industrial cutter products will deliver on all the specified requirements. LUTZ BLADES industrial cutter products are available for all standard safety knives.

And this is how LUTZ BLADES industrial cutter products can benefit you:

  • Broad range of materials
  • Peak quality in cutting processes thanks to adherence to the closest tolerances
  • Implementation of your personal model requirements
  • High degree of safety thanks to special packaging

LUTZ BLADES industrial cutter products have the following characteristics:

  • High-performance coatings
  • Incredible sharpness thanks to triple-angle grinding
  • Many years' experience
  • Hand-picked materials

And you are keen to maximise accuracy and efficiency? Select the required blade from this catalogue extract. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you in defining individual industrial cutter blades for special cutting applications. We will design the best possible blade in line with your specifications to match the requirements of your cutting job.

  • Razor-blade makers since 1922
  • LUTZ BLADES - the can-do razor-blade makers

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Matrix for the definition of edge type and bevel configuration.
  • single edge or double edge
  • single cut, double cut
  • single-, double- or triple angle bevel
  • convex or concave

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