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Rotary Blades by LUTZ BLADES

Whether in gastronomy, industry generally or in machines, LUTZ BLADES Rotary Blades are a preferred solution wherever razor-sharp blades and extremely fast cutting speeds are essential. In this field, too, LUTZ BLADES blades are, quite simply, among the best, most dependable brands in the market.

With their double-angle grinding finish, our blades achieve exceptional sharpness. Minimum tolerances in our production processes guarantee maximum flatness. This means outstanding cutting results for you. In addition, a characteristic of our rotary blades is the optimized hardness whatever the thickness.

Our blades are highly suited to cutting these materials quickly and accurately:

  • Paper, cardboard boxes, paperboard
  • Skin, leather, fleece
  • Paper, wallpaper, cork, foam rubber
  • Carpeting, PVC, linoleum, film

LUTZ BLADES Rotary Blades will bring you decisive advantages:

  • Fewer blade changes to increase your productivity
  • Very high cutting speeds when used in machines thanks to the best possible material qualities
  • Cleanly cut edges with no edge build-up
  • Clean working due to less cutting dust

If you have highly specialised requirements for a particular rotary blades application, do not hesitate to ask our specialists for their advice. We can proudly claim that we will always find the right solution for every challenge. Try us!

LUTZ Circular blades
  • thickness: 0,06 mm - 3,0 mm
  • hardness: HRc 65 at T=0,1 mm!
  • double-angle-grinding
  • razorsharp

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