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Snap-Off Hook Blades

Professionals rely on LUTZ BLADES snap-off hook blades wherever and whenever efficient working and the best achievable cutting results are essential. Thanks to the characteristic hook shape, user safety is not compromised.
Craftsmen and craftswomen prefer snap-off hook blades when laying floor coverings made of PVC, linoleum or carpeting. Thanks to the long service lifetimes and high rigidity of our blades, good work flows can be achieved with ease.
Also in the field of industrial packaging, snap-off hook blades are an indispensable tool. The blade shape, curved inwards, provides a high standard of personal protection against injury even when working at speed.

The advantages of snap-off hook blades by LUTZ BLADES:

  • High standard of safety
  • Sure cutting action, even through different materials and material thicknesses
  • Long-term, consistent sharpness
  • Different hook designs for each job assignment

LUTZ BLADES stands for first rate quality:

  • The right ground geometry for every task
  • Wear-resistant coatings (TiN, TiAIN, CrN) for long service lifetimes
  • Sure cutting action, even with different materials and material hardnesses
  • Secure, patented packaging

If you have highly specialised requirements, do not hesitate to ask our specialists for their advice. We can proudly claim that we will always find the right solution for every challenge. Try us!

LUTZ BLADES Rapid prototyping
  • Prototype production is possible at near-production level due to a range of manufacturing options
  • Smallest batch size is 1
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Possibility to optimise blades and cutting edges before start of series production

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