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LUTZ BLADES surgical and incision blades

When superior cutting or piercing performance is required for a medical device to be a success, we are the partner of choice.

LUTZ BLADES produces surgical and incision blades for a variety of surgical applications, including:

  • opthalmic blades
  • dermatome blades
  • microtome blades
  • laparoscopic blades
  • orthopaedic blades

LUTZ BLADES medical blades give superior cuts in both mass production runs as well as small customized runs. With our CNC/rapid prototyping machinery we deliver your specialty surgical blades within a few days.

Your benefits of LUTZ BLADES surgical and incision blades

  • Prototype samples within few a days
  • Flexibility in development prior to key design/manufacturing decisions
  • Maximum compliance with your requirements

LUTZ BLADES surgical and incision blades has what you expect and more!

  • CAD, CNC and Rapid prototyping equipment
  • Technical expertise and consulting
  • Multi million dollar manufacturing machines
  • Inspection equipment meeting needs of surgical blades requirements
  • Expertly picked materials and coatings

Our experience in successfully completing hundreds of surgical and incision blades projects make us an ideal partner for Medical/Surgical companies, Research & Development firms or Manufacturing consultants.

Browse through the selection of specialized blade models from the following list or contact our experts for further assistance.

LUTZ BLADES Rapid prototyping
  • Prototype production is possible at near-production level due to a range of manufacturing options
  • Smallest batch size is 1
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Possibility to optimise blades and cutting edges before start of series production

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