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Utility blades

For decades, LUTZ BLADES quality utility blades have been the preferred choice of craftsman and tool wholesalers & retailers. Adherence to the closest tolerances and extremely accurate cuts result in highest quality cutting results. LUTZ BLADES utility blades feature extremely sharp cutting edges, in some cases with triple-angle grinding.  This enables accurate cutting with less force applied. Fraying of the cut edges is prevented and you obtain optimum cutting results. Excellent blade durability means minimised machine retooling times and much improved work efficiency.

LUTZ BLADES utility blades are available in a wide range of standard types for all the cutter knives used in the trades. However, if you have specific requirements for a particular blade, we will be pleased to advise you and design a blade to match your exact cutting application.

And this is how LUTZ BLADES utility blades can benefit you:

  • Many years' experience
  • Materials adapted to match the cutting application
  • Implementation of your personal model requirements
  • High degree of safety thanks to special packaging

LUTZ BLADES utility blades have the following characteristics:

  • Simple, rapid handling
  • Broad range of materials and an impressive range of blades
  • High-performance coatings for excellent durability
  • Incredible sharpness thanks to triple-angle grinding
  • Peak quality in cutting processes
  • Adherence to the closest tolerances

If you have queries about LUTZ BLADES utility blades or need special-purpose blades for a specific cutting application, our experts will be pleased to advise you on the type that will give the best results for your needs. We can design the best possible blade in line with your specifications to match the sharpness requirements and coating needs of your cutting job. Contact us.

LUTZ BLADES Rapid prototyping
  • Prototype production is possible at near-production level due to a range of manufacturing options
  • Smallest batch size is 1
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Possibility to optimise blades and cutting edges before start of series production

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