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Blades from LUTZ BLADES – superior cutting

Since 1922, LUTZ BLADES has been manufacturing blades for the trades and for industrial and medical applications while maintaining the focus on quality and precision at all times. Our range of blades extends from standard blades manufactured as mass products with consistently high quality throughout the series or as small-run custom and special-purpose blades to customers' drawings. All our blades meet the maximum demands with regard to the choice of materials, geometry and functional coating. The standard range made by LUTZ BLADES contains over 1500 blades. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you.

LUTZ BLADES can make the ideal blade for your individual application

If you need a special-purpose blade for a specific cutting application LUTZ BLADES' team of experts will be pleased to assist you in developing a blade designed individually to solve that particular problem. Within a remarkably short time, we can have a special-purpose blade made to your drawings and fine tuned to your specific needs. To this end, we can offer a wide range of materials partnered with a choice of hard and frictionless coatings adapted for that individual application. You design your blade – LUTZ BLADES will make your ideas work.

Custom blades and special-purpose blades to your individual specifications

Standard blades cannot be expected to meet all the demands all of the time. This is why we have our team of LUTZ BLADES experts on hand. They will advise you individually to ensure we find exactly the custom blades or special-purpose blades you need. In so doing, LUTZ BLADES can calll on nearly 90 years of experience in the manufacture of custom quality blades. LUTZ BLADES' development processes are characterised by a high degree of flexibility, which is why we are able to achieve the closest possible match between our custom blades or special-purpose blades and your requirements. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you.

Industrial blades made by LUTZ BLADES – superior sharpness

If you use industrial blades or machine knives for processing packaging, film, paper, chemical fibres, fibreglass or food in your production machines, LUTZ BLADES is the partner you have been looking for. Industrial blades and machine knives made by LUTZ BLADES are renowned for their peak precision and enhanced efficiency in use (fewer blade changes thanks to longer service lifetimes). Exactly what you are looking for if you insist on excellent cutting results. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will accompany you through the process of defining exactly the right industrial blades for you.

Snap-off knives and snap-off blades for professional tradesmen and industrial users

If it is snap-off knives, snap-off blades or carpet knives you are looking for, LUTZ BLADES is the partner you have been looking for. LUTZ BLADES snap-off knives, snap-off blades and carpet blades are the preferred choice when it comes to accurate cutting and efficient working methods. Even when cutting tough materials, the cutting action is smooth, accurate and safe. Professional tradesmen and industrial users have for decades placed their trust in snap-off blades, snap-off knives and carpet knives made by LUTZ BLADES.