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Packaging systems by LUTZ BLADES – more than just a wrapper

There is hardly another product on the market with such a high level of safety awareness as blades. The greatest risk is obviously where end-users are at work with unprotected blades.

This is where we see an urgent need for our own creativity to create packaging systems which meet two needs: to make the application as safe as possible for the worker and to promote sales of the product.

Our packing systems: promoting sales because all the blades are visible in the transparent packaging. Safe because all the blades are presented in a plastic dispenser. User-friendly because all the blades can be taken out individually.

LUTZ BLADES packaging systems are designed for:

  • Unparalleled safety in the use of the blade dispenser.
    The user can take blades out of the packaging individually.
  • Consistent design for identifying the product families.
    The result is a consistent, uniform brand image with a highly promotional effect for our self-service trade partners.
  • User orientated added value.
    This all adds up to a decisive advantage for our customers in their markets.
Packaging systems by LUTZ BLADES
Packaging for blades made by LUTZ BLADES
Safety thanks to blade packaging made by LUTZ BLADES
Packaging by LUTZ BLADES to boost your brand position
Elegant packaging from LUTZ BLADES

Own-brand packaging straight from the manufacturer - a clear cost saving

We are able to provide our trade partners with own-brand packaging solutions at favourable prices. And the design has been specially developed to provide unparalleled safety in daily use.

We develop, manufacture and configure cardboard and plastic packaging within the company. The result is a high degree of independence, user-friendliness and economy for all our packaging systems. In the interests of your competitive advantage!

Removal procedure

Easy to take out

All our packaging families can be adapted for self-service. This is done without the need for environmentally incompatible skin film. All in the interests of consumers and the environment.

The attractive blade case by LUTZ BLADES