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Precision. Sharpness. Success.

LUTZ Precision


Our maxim is accuracy – and it is this principle that accompanies every stage from the initial idea to the finished product. Right through to the ideal solution for your specific cutting application to ensure your requirements are met. Throughout every design and development stage and every production step – blade after blade after blade.

Lutz Sharpness


We have been making blades and cutters since 1922. From razor-sharp, for extremely fine cutting jobs to extremely robust for impact and pressure cutting actions. Together with the customer, we define all the relevant parameters to ensure your individual requirements are met – to provide greater sharpness and better service lifetimes.

LUTZ Success


Your competitive advantage when you use blades from LUTZ is the sum of all our efforts and the details we guarantee you. We are pleased to show you those details because your success is our objective – from the first to the millionth blade.

LUTZ Blades

If you need further assistance, please contact one of our experts.