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Film and Foil

Film manufacture is a high-performance process that requires top-performance blades. For many years, LUTZ BLADES has been supplying film manufacturers with excellent blades. You can benefit from their experience.
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Chemical Fibers

When cutting staple fibres, filaments or web, the blade has a decisive influence on the efficiency of the process and the quality of the cut. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the best blade.
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Increase your productivity when cutting e.g. chopped strands and rovings, while maintaining the cutting quality from one blade to the next and, if necessary, we can adapt the blade to meet your specific cutting needs.
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Place your confidence in our manufacturing quality and our quality organisation to EN-ISO 9001 and EN-ISO 13485, as amended. We are your capable partner in the development and manufacture of blades for medical cutting applications.
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The outstanding quality of our blades gives you a decisive competitive advantage. Your production costs become easy to predict and the quality of your end product improves. Aided by LUTZ BLADES.
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LUTZ BLADES is one of the most capable manufacturers of blades for the trades. Consistent quality from one blade to the next is a decisive advantage for professional tradesmen and product presentations in customers' livery for tool wholesalers and retailers make LUTZ BLADES a preferred partner.
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You can rely on consistent production quality if you opt for LUTZ BLADES. Flexible adaptation of blades to meet your needs in terms of sharpness and service lifetimes makes us a capable supplier to the automotive industry.
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Cutting processes in the textiles and flooring industries require machine knives and blades with the highest possible levels of sharpness and the longest possible service lifetimes. These requirements are met by LUTZ BLADES. The end quality of your product improves and, at the same time, we contribute to an overall increase in your productivity.
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Garden tools

Products from LUTZ BLADES are used in state-of-the-art equipment for modern, manageable lawn care.
The robotic lawn mower blades ensure a perfect lawn cut while the nylon-line blades are used in lawn strimmers.
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We can also cater for your cutting application! – either by jointly selecting from our standard range or by developing a special-purpose one for your specific cutting application. Eighty years of experience in designing and manufacturing blades and in-house control of all the necessary production steps make us a capable development partner and supplier for your needs.» List of blades» Rapid prototyping - tailor-made blades in production quality» Direct contact to the development department