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Cutting and converting in all aspects of the automotive industry must be highly efficient and also very precise. There is simply no room for waste or down time. LUTZ recognizes this fact by providing excellent industrial blades, knives and tools to automotive suppliers, manufacturing facilities and repair facilities worldwide.

Your benefits of LUTZ automotive blades and tools include:

  • Cleaner cuts and less waste
  • Reduced downtime and fewer blade changes
  • Consistently well made blades through the entire production run
  • Consulting and rapid prototypes prior to your final manufacturing decision

LUTZ automotive blades and knives has what you expect and more!

  • Expertly picked materials
  • High performance coatings (TiN CrN TiAIN)
  • Triple-angle edge grinding process
  • Samples within days thanks to rapid prototyping

We design and manufacture both industry standard automotive blades and tools and custom automotive blades to your drawings and individual requirements. Select your blades in the following overview or contact our expert sales staff for further assistance.

Brochure: Automotive
  • Blades that meet highest quality standards every time – LUTZ blades and knives for the automotive industry
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