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Excellent blades are a necessary choice when you need to assure efficiency in your cutting application for staple fibers, filaments or web. LUTZ precision blades are the preferred choice of many market leaders in the chemical fiber industry.

Your benefits of LUTZ chemical fiber blades include

  • Controlled fiber length
  • Waste elimination
  • No fiber unravelling with precise cutting capability
  • Longer life due to better blade durability
  • Customized prototype samples for testing and marketing

LUTZ Blades has what you expect and more!

  • Superior sharpness and burr-free cutting edges
  • Proper blade hardness
  • Expertly picked materials (e.g. tungsten carbide, HSS)
  • Adherence to the tightest tolerances
  • Best selection of hard coatings ( TiN TiC TiCN TiAIN)
  • Rapid prototyping

LUTZ BLADES provides both industry standard chemical fibre blades and specialty blades made to custom drawing to meet your special needs. Select the slitting blades you need from the following list or contact a knowledgeable sales expert for further assistance!

Brochure: Chemical fibres and fibreglass
  • Precise and fast - boost your productivity with fibre cutters from LUTZ
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