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High performance cutting and slitting application need excellent blades, whether it is chopped strands, rovings or fiberglass cut mats. Market leaders around the globe have chosen our fibergalss blades to improve their cutting application.

Your benefits of LUTZ fiberglass blades include

  • Consistent uniformed cutting lengths
  • Improved performance in high speed cutting applications
  • Avoiding of contamination of material from rust
  • Adaptation to your process requirements (e.g. wet vs. dry cutting)
  • Customized prototype samples for testing within days

LUTZ Blades has what you expect and more!

  • First rate machining
  • Careful material selection
  • Precision edge grinding
  • Sophisticated quality assurance program and technology
  • Best selection of hard coatings ( TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAIN)

LUTZ Blades has a historic past of excellence and we continue to be the preferred choice for fiberglass cutting blades. We provide both industry standard fiberglass blades and specialty blades made to drawing to meet your special needs.

Select the fiberglass blades you need from the following list or contact a knowledgeable and experienced sales expert for further assistance!

Brochure: Chemical fibres and fibreglass
  • Precise and fast - boost your productivity with fibre cutters from LUTZ
  • A selection

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