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This is how it all started. The classic model in our range. As much in demand today as it was then.

LUTZ BLADES is one of the leading manufacturers of 3-hole blades for industrial uses. While models like this were used in the past as razor blades, today these geometries are highly acclaimed classics in many technical cutting applications.

You will find the right 3-hole blades at LUTZ BLADES for cutting film, paper and innumerable other cutting applications.

And this is how you can benefit from LUTZ BLADES 3-hole blades:

  • Many years of experience in the manufacture of industrial 3-hole blades
  • Absolutely consistent quality from one blade to the next ensures successful use of each set
  • Hard coatings extend the lifetime of the blades
  • Cleanroom-compliant packaging available - in customer livery if required
  • Packaging suitable for industrial purposes for quick, safe application on-site

LUTZ BLADES 3-hole blades have the following characteristics:

  • Razor-like sharpness
  • Materials and coatings to customer specification
  • Various cutting-edge geometries, depending on the application
  • Single-sided and double-sided blades are available

If you do not find the 3-hole blades you need in our catalogue extract, ask our LUTZ BLADES team of experts to advise you on individually crafted ones.

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