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Circular Blades and Knives – Keep your production rolling

LUTZ precision circular blades and rotary cutters are made for film and foil, paper cutting, food processing and other applications. Our circular blades and rotary cutters assure that your daily production keeps rolling successfully.

Your benefits of LUTZ circular blades and knives include

  • Clean cut edges and no edge build-up
  • Less cutting dust
  • High cutting speeds
  • Greater productivity thanks to fewer blade changes

LUTZ Blades rotary knives and cutters has what you expect and more!

  • Razor sharpness
  • Excellent flatness
  • Correct hardness (65 HRc at T ≥ 0,1 mm)
  • Expertly picked materials (Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, HSS, and Stainless steel)

LUTZ Blades provides both a line of industry standard circular blades and a broad choice of custom made rotary cutters to meet your special needs. We keep working to make them even better, so that they work the best for you!

Select the circular blade and knives you need from the following list or contact a knowledgeable and experienced sales expert for further assistance.

LUTZ Circular blades
  • thickness: 0,06 mm - 3,0 mm
  • hardness: HRc 65 at T=0,1 mm!
  • double-angle-grinding
  • razorsharp

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