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We enjoy the challenge of a tough application. Convex blades are such a case!

Convex blades with the convex cutting edge are yet another speciality of LUTZ BLADES. The convex contour of the cutting edge is applied in such a way that it is calculable, reproducible and consistent from the first to the millionth blade.

And this is how LUTZ BLADES convex blades can benefit you:

  • The cutting edge is a convex curve
  • The exact contour of the cutting edge is made to customer specifications
  • Manufactured on CNC machines to ensure product consistency
  • Manufactured to ISO 13485 to meet medical equipment requirements.

Convex blades by LUTZ BLADES have the following characteristics:

  • Consistent sharpness blade after blade after blade
  • Additional range of materials and hard coatings
  • Special cleaner for blades to meet the highest cleanliness requirements
  • Cleanroom-compliant packaging available - in customer livery if required
  • Surface finish of the blade body reduces friction.

Convex blades are one of the many specialist areas at LUTZ BLADES. Advice on the product is essential here. We are ready and willing to take all the parameters into account for the perfect blade.

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