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Toothed blades and toothed knives by LUTZ BLADES – Caution! Sharp!

Do you need to cut your product with a zigzag shape; like crinkly crisps? Or make longitudinal lines in dough; like pasta? Or do you need to perforate your product; like perforated film? If so, the toothed blades and toothed knives made by LUTZ BLADES are just the product for you.

This is how you can benefit from LUTZ toothed blades and toothed knives:

  • Large choice of pitches and angles
  • High-grade materials
  • Individual advice
  • Adaptation of the blade to match your specific process requirements

LUTZ toothed blades and toothed knives have the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for use with foods
  • Broad range of hard coatings to enhance lifetimes
  • Sharply pointed teeth for cutting smooth or stretchable material
  • Flat-ended teeth for cutting soft materials
  • rounded teeth for long service lives

If you do not find the toothed blades and toothed knives you need in our catalogue extract, ask our LUTZ BLADES team of experts to advise you. We will be pleased to develop exactly the cutting solution you need.

LUTZ Blades exactly
  • Razor-blade makers since 1922
  • LUTZ Blades - the can-do razor-blade makers

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Matrix for the definition of edge type and bevel configuration.
  • single edge or double edge
  • single cut, double cut
  • single-, double- or triple angle bevel
  • convex or concave

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