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Wavy blades made by LUTZ BLADES: There are uncountable geometries; and we supply them.

The number of different shapes of wavy knives made by LUTZ BLADES is unbelievable. The throat depth and angle have to be matched to the product to be cut. For years, we have been making a wide range of these products.

The waves may be concave; or, for a more aggressive cut, convex or with pointed teeth, or, crafted for a softer, sustainable cut. There is almost no limit to the variations.

Wellenklingen / Wellenmesser   Artikel Nr. Länge Breite Dicke  
Artikel Nr.: 2510.0200   2510.0200 106.6 18.9 0.20

Artikel Nr.: 2511.0127   2511.0127 107.8 18.9 0.13

Artikel Nr.: 2512.0127   2512.0127 107.5 18.8 0.13

Artikel Nr.: 2514.0127   2514.0127 107.5 18.9 0.13

And this is how LUTZ BLADES wavy knives can benefit you:

  • Excellent quality cutting edges produce optimum cut qualities
  • The contour shape is agreed with the customer
  • Completely manufactured on CNC machines to ensure product consistency

Wavy knives by LUTZ BLADES have the following characteristics:

  • Consistent sharpness blade after blade after blade
  • Broad range of materials and hard coatings
  • Surface finish of the blade body reduces friction.

Wavy knives by LUTZ BLADES are seen in this catalogue extract. Additional combinations of body and cutting edge shape are possible. The number of options is incredible. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you.

Packaging systems for blades

  • Active sales promotion thanks to transparent packaging
  • Safe thanks to plastic dispenser
  • User-friendly because blades can be taken out individually

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Food processing blades

  • high-performance coatings
  • stainless steel
  • batch traceability