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LUTZ breakaway blades and safety knives – Preferred hand tools for industrial applications and professional contractors.

LUTZ brand breakaway blades and safety knives are ideal for industrial applications, professional contractors or for distributors to the do-it-yourself market. LUTZ snap-off blades are an excellent choice for de-burring plastic, profile extrusion, laying flooring, trimming wallpaper, films, and so much more.

Your benefits of LUTZ snap-off knives and safety cutters include:

  • Rapid and accurate cutting
  • Higher durability, especially for abrasive materials
  • Less overall blade changes = higher efficiency

LUTZ snap-off blades have what you expect and more!:

  • Triple angle edge grinding
  • Hard coatings (TiN CrN TiAIN)
  • Finest ice hardened steel materials
  • Best tolerance and performance consistency on large quantity runs
  • Etched brand names/logos on your blades

LUTZ Blades provides both a line of industry standard breakaway blades and safety cutters and a broad choice of custom made items to meet your special needs. Select your breakaway blade in the following overview or contact our expert sales staff for further assistance.

Packaging systems for LUTZ Blades
  • Active sales promotion thanks to transparent packaging
  • Safe thanks to plastic dispenser
  • User-friendly because blades can be taken out individually

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