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LUTZ Blades – Outstanding broadheads and hunting blades

Our broadhead blades are top of the class in the hunting sector. Leading manufacturers of hunting blades agree with us and have counted on LUTZ for many years. We put all of the blade characteristics you need into our broadhead blades warranting the best flight of your arrow, when striking your target.

Your benefits of LUTZ broadheads and hunting blades include:

  • Magnificent aerodynamics and sharpness
  • Superior penetration
  • Technical expertise and consulting prior to key design decisions
  • Customized prototype samples for testing and marketing

LUTZ broadheads and hunting blades have what you expect and more!

  • Precision bevel angles and multi angled cutting edges
  • Superior sharpness
  • Proper blade hardness
  • Selected grain and material weights
  • Inspected with equipment meeting sophisticated needs of surgical blades

LUTZ Blades provides both a line of industry standard broadheads and a broad choice of custom made hunting blades to meet your special needs. Select the best broadheads from the following list or contact our sales experts to begin the process of building a great blade.