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LUTZ tungsten carbide blades and machine knives

LUTZ Blades' Tungsten Carbide razors – The perfect choice for highest performance cutting and optimum durability. Blades are designed for slitting processes in film, foil, paper and converting application.

Your benefits of LUTZ tungsten carbide blades and cutters include

  • Improved durability and wear-life, up to 600% better than standard steels
  • Greater productivity and less down time due to fewer blade changes
  • Cleaner and more precise cuts due to reduced friction
  • Reduction in start-up and end of line waste
  • Better overall cutting performance in high heat and high speed cutting environments
  • Geometry fitting your application, e.g. circular, slotted, 3-hole/razor blade

Tungsten carbide blades and machine knives will offer you better performance and increased productivity for cutting the following materials: LLDPE, PP, PA, PVC, HDPE, BOPET, PET, BOPP, metal or stretch film and others.

LUTZ Blades provides both a line of industry standard tungsten carbide blades and cutters and a broad choice of custom made carbide machine knives to meet your special needs. Select the tungsten carbide blades you need from our list or contact a knowledgeable and experienced sales expert for assistance.