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LUTZ BLADES ceramic blades and machine knives for high-tech cuts

LUTZ BLADES solid ceramic blades are designed for high performance and precisions cutting processes in various including film and foil, medical, converting or assembling of electronic components. Market leaders around the globe have chosen our solid ceramic slitting blades to improve their cutting application.

Keramik-Klingen   Artikel Nr. Länge Breite Dicke  
Artikel Nr.: 1505.0150   1505.0150 43.0 22.0 0.15
  1505.0200 0.20
  1505.0300 0.30
  1505.0400 0.40

Artikel Nr.: 1507.0380   1507.0380 57.0 19.1 0.38

Artikel Nr.: 1509.0630   1509.0630 57.0 19.1 0.63

Artikel Nr.: 3261.0150   3261.0150 38.0 8.0 0.15
  3261.0254 0.25
  3261.0300 0.30

Artikel Nr.: 1069.0400   1069.0400 50.0 19.0 0.40

Artikel Nr.: 0214.0410   0214.0410 75.0 10.2 0.41

Artikel Nr.: 2651.0530   2651.0530 40.9 63.0 0.53

Your benefits of LUTZ BLADES ceramic slitting blades and machine knives include:

  • Better cutting performance in high temperature applications
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Protect against static build-up
  • Higher levels of blade durability (up to 8 times compared to standard)
  • Clean cutting edges thanks to low coefficient of friction

LUTZ BLADES Industrieklingen und Maschinenmesser aus Keramik zeichnen sich aus durch:

  • Unterschiedliche Schliffgeometrien für Ihre Schneidaufgabe
  • Rasierklingen-Schärfe
  • Engste Toleranzen und Serienkonstanz
  • Eignung für ätzendes Schneidgut

When a wrong cut can cost you thousands of dollars and a precise and durable blade is required for the job, then the right choice could be a solid ceramic blade from LUTZ BLADES to improve your cutting processes.

LUTZ BLADES provides a broad choice of ceramic slitting blades both industry standard blades and specialty ceramic blades made to drawing to meet your special needs. Select the ceramic blade you need from the following list or contact a knowledgeable and experienced sales expert for further assistance!

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