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Granulating and pelletising with knives from LUTZ BLADES

LUTZ BLADES manufactures granulating and pelletising knives for use in a number of granulating systems, e.g. for underwater granulating systems and extrusion granulators made by Erema ®, NGR ®, Starlinger ®, Munchy ®, Artec ® and others. To achieve optimum results, our granulating and pelletising knives are exactly matched to the application in hand.

Granuliermesser / Pelletiermesser   Artikel Nr. Länge Breite Dicke  
Artikel Nr.: 1406.0800   1406.0800 46.0 24.0 0.80

Artikel Nr.: 1408.1000   1408.1000 46.5 24.2 1.00

Artikel Nr.: 1411.0800   1411.0800 44.0 20.0 0.80

Artikel Nr.: 1412.1000   1412.1000 46.0 13.2 1.00

And this is how LUTZ BLADES granulating and pelletising knives can benefit you:

  • Knife width is matched exactly to the individual backplate
  • Cutting-edge geometry and material are matched to the application
  • Consistent cutting performance while retaining pellet shape
  • Large choice of standard blades
  • User-friendly packaging

LUTZ BLADES granulating and pelletising knives have the following characteristics:

  • Long service lives, even when used underwater for cold cutting
  • Hard coating in various layers to enhance lifetime
  • Individual special design requirements can be taken into consideration

Browse our catalogue extract to find a selection of granulating and pelletising knives. Additional models are to be found in the full range. Please contact our team of experts at LUTZ BLADES.

Packaging systems for blades

  • Active sales promotion thanks to transparent packaging
  • Safe thanks to plastic dispenser
  • User-friendly because blades can be taken out individually

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