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LUTZ industrial razor blades – efficient, sharp and accurate

Thousands of companies use industrial razor blades on a daily basis in the manufacture of their products. The quality of the blades is decisive in terms of smooth, dependable processes, but also for the quality of the customer's final product. The more accurately a blade cuts, the higher the quality of your product. Used originally as razor blades, the models shown have been enhanced for industrial use. A wide variety of film is frequently cut today. For packaging and carpet backing fabric; for capacitors and glass film. With LUTZ industrial razor blades your work is more efficient, more accurate and you benefit from the experience gained through three generations of high-grade blade manufacture.

This is how you benefit from LUTZ industrial razor blades:

  • Outstanding cutting quality
  • Longer work phases without having to change blades make your processes more efficient
  • Large range of blade models

LUTZ industrial razor blades have the following characteristics:

  • Top-of-the-range accuracy coupled with razor-like sharpness
  • Material and coating adapted to match your cutting application
  • Maximum sharpness or the sharpness you require for your work
  • All-over coating of the surface reduces friction

If you do not find the industrial razor blades you need in our catalogue extract, ask our LUTZ BLADES team of experts to advise you on individually crafted ones..

LUTZ Blades Rapid prototyping
  • samples within a few days
  • no tooling charges
  • smallest batch sizes
  • odd shapes and multi-edged blades

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Matrix for the definition of edge type and bevel configuration.
  • single edge or double edge
  • single cut, double cut
  • single-, double- or triple angle bevel
  • convex or concave

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