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Lawnmower blades as OEM equipment and spare parts

Are you a manufacturer of lawn mowing robots for convenient, state-of-the-art lawn care? Are you interested in joining this field of activity and need blades as original equipment or accessories? Then this means we are your partner in the B2B business and can offer you blades designed exactly for this application. We already supply well-known equipment manufacturers as an OEM supplier and our products are known and recognised in the industry.

And this is how you can benefit from LUTZ BLADES robotic lawn mower blades

  • Very good cutting results; the blades of grass are cut cleanly and accurately
  • The lawn is not negatively affected by the cutting process, recovers quickly and retains its rich green colour at all times.
  • Consultation and development of a blade design that is suitable for your purposes – and bespoke for your machines if required.
  • It is, of course, possible to apply hard material coatings and high-contrast laser engravings of your company logo and article numbers on each blade.
  • Private labelling. This can take full account of your corporate livery.

LUTZ BLADES lawn mower blades have the following characteristics:

  • Superior sharpness
  • Material hardness adapted to anticipated impact loads in use, such as wood or small stones on the lawn
  • Consistent sharpness – blade after blade after blade

We often manufacture robotic lawn mower blades for our customers based on their own protected models. The following blade types are intended to illustrate our manufacturing capabilities. These are examples to show some possible designs.

We would ask you to contact our experts to discuss details and together we can then develop a suitable blade model for you. What we can say today is that we are sure we will be able to meet your demands.

Rapid prototyping

  • Prototype production is possible at near-production level due to a range of manufacturing options
  • Smallest batch size is 1
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Possibility to optimise blades and cutting edges before start of series production

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Download Custom blades

  • Individual, fast, flexible - custom blade solutions from LUTZ BLADES
  • A selection

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