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Premium quality plush knives and selvedge cutters for your plush machines

Plush knives and selvedge cutters are professional cutting tools for manufacturing plush in connection with carpets, fabrics and velvet. LUTZ BLADES makes a wide range of different models for equipping production machines manufactured by such renowned makers as Van de Wiele®, Schönherr®, Güsken®, Stäubli® and others.

This is how you can benefit from LUTZ plush knives and selvedge cutters:

  • Improved productivity thanks to better blade durability
  • Reduced production downtimesReducing production downtimes
  • Wide range of replacement blades
  • Reduction in start-up and end-of-line waste because the fibre does not burn as it is cut
  • Flexibility in the production environment thanks to optimum adaptation to local parameters
  • No risk of mixing up the blades because each is individually marked
  • Teflon® coatings reduce melting of the cut fibre ends.

LUTZ BLADES plush knives and selvedge cutter have the following characteristics:

  • Extremely sharp, uniformly ground cutting edges
  • Uncoated and Teflon® coated versions
  • Degree of hardening and cutting radii designed to match the specific application
  • Replacement blades and machine knives available for all standard machines.

Select your plush knives or selvedge cutters from our LUTZ BLADES catalogue extract or contact our expert sales staff. We are pleased to assist with special-purpose applications as well.

Brochure: Textile
  • Long service lifetimes, better productivity: LUTZ blades for carpet and textiles manufacturers
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