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Reinforced scraper blades – the ones with the safe easy-grip edge

Reinforced scraper blades are the ideal universal scraper and cutting tool. Only reinforced scraper blades provide you with a fine, professional-quality cutting tool for cleaning, smoothing, scraping, cutting and deburring. Used for example by glaziers, in medical technology and in window dressing. LUTZ BLADES manufactures a wide range of reinforced scraper blades. We are sure we can meet your requirements.

Bügelklingen   Artikel Nr. Länge Breite Dicke  
Artikel Nr.: 0300.0250   0300.0250 40.0 19.9 0.25

Artikel Nr.: 0303.0300   0303.0300 40.0 19.5 0.30

Artikel Nr.: 0308.0228   0308.0228 39.8 19.5 0.23

Artikel Nr.: 0309.0300   0309.0300 11.0 18.9 0.30

Artikel Nr.: 0317.0300   0317.0300 40.0 18.9 0.30

And this is how reinforced scraper blades can benefit you:

  • Blade and mount are one. Simple and safe
  • Reinforced edge can be made from a number of materials to customer specifications
  • Blade thickness and locating holes to order
  • Cleanroom-compliant packaging available - in customer livery if required

Reinforced scraper blades have the following characteristics:

  • Ground at multiple angles
  • Razor blade sharpness
  • Rounded blade corners to protect materials if required
  • Special-purpose reinforced scraper blades with snap-off sections

Browse our catalogue extract to find a selection of reinforced scraper blades. Additional models and variations of reinforcement and blade can be made available. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you.

Cutting Edge & Angles matrix

  • single edge or double edge
  • single cut, double cut
  • single-, double- or triple angle bevel
  • convex or concave

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