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A full range of rib stripper blades of all widths with outstanding initial sharpness

In industrial meat processing, specialist tools are in use on a daily basis. Rib stripper blades are typical cutting tools required for one of these special jobs. Only the best tools of superior quality can meet these needs. For many years, LUTZ BLADES have been making special alloy steel rib stripper blades with outstanding initial sharpness and in all the required widths, as you have come to expect from us. LUTZ BLADES supplies the full range.

Rippenzieherklingen   Artikel Nr. Länge Breite Dicke  
Artikel Nr.: 3410.0500   3410.0500 40.0 var 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3412.0500   3412.0500 40.0 22.0 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3413.0500   3413.0500 40.0 20.0 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3414.0500   3414.0500 40.0 18.0 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3415.0500   3415.0500 40.0 12.0 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3416.0500   3416.0500 40.0 16.0 0.50

Artikel Nr.: 3418.0500   3418.0500 40.0 25.0 0.50

And this is how LUTZ BLADES rip stripper blades can benefit you:

  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of blades for the meat processing industry
  • All standard widths can be supplied
  • Customer-specific livery possible in marking and packaging (private label)

These are typical LUTZ BLADES features of rib stripper blades:

  • High-alloy tool steels provide superior service lifetimes
  • Excellent initial sharpness ensure long service before first resharpening is necessary
  • Easy to resharpen
  • Widths marked on blades by etching or by locating holes
  • Packaging as "free of silicon and wax" is also possible

A selection of our rib stripper blades can be seen here in our catalogue extract. Design, marking, locating holes can all be discussed with us. Contact the team of experts at LUTZ BLADES here.

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