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Safety first! Safety is the top priority.

Cutting edges tend to be sharp - as one would expect and hope. And believe us when we say that blades made by LUTZ BLADES are particularly sharp.

But however sharp the blades may be, safe working practices have to be adhered to. For this reason we have safety blades with deliberately rounded corners to the blades and tips in our range. This considerably reduces the danger of injury from inadvertent cuts. This is good news for the workers, good news for the Safety Officer in your company and good news for us.

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Artikel Nr.: 0317.0300   0317.0300 40.0 18.9 0.30

Artikel Nr.: 0698.0400   0698.0400 59.0 18.8 0.40

Artikel Nr.: 1009.0650   1009.0650 49.5 18.7 0.65

Artikel Nr.: 1098.0400   1098.0400 51.3 18.7 0.40

Artikel Nr.: 1099.0650   1099.0650 51.3 18.7 0.65

Artikel Nr.: 1288.0650   1288.0650 50.4 18.7 0.65

And this is how LUTZ BLADES safety blades can benefit you:

  • Much reduced risk of injury
  • HSE requirements in the workplace are met

LUTZ BLADES safety blades have the following characteristics:

  • Tips and cutting edges are rounded
  • If the customer wishes, other changes in geometry can be arranged

Browse the LUTZ BLADES safety blades catalogue extract for inspiration and to see typical applications. Further models are available on request. Contact us. Take us by our word: together we can make cutting actions safer.

Rapid prototyping

  • Prototype production is possible at near-production level due to a range of manufacturing options
  • Smallest batch size is 1
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Possibility to optimise blades and cutting edges before start of series production

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Download Custom blades

  • Individual, fast, flexible - custom blade solutions from LUTZ BLADES
  • A selection

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