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Scraper blades from LUTZ BLADES for scraping, smoothing and cleaning

LUTZ BLADES is one of the world's leading manufacturers of scraper blades for a wide range of applications, for example, scraping off residues of adhesive, flooring materials, paint and film. For smoothing pastes, mastic, fillers and for cleaning glass surfaces. LUTZ BLADES scraper blades are ideally suited to accurate work; guaranteed!

And this is how LUTZ scraper blades can benefit you:

  • Razor-like sharpness
  • Maximum blade rigidity due to the fine balance of material thickness, hardness and grinding angle
  • Blade models for all standard scrapers

LUTZ scraper blades have the following characteristics:

  • High degree of flexural strength
  • Chemical resistance depending on material
  • Individual blade length
  • Rounded corners available on cutting edges
  • Dispensers to ensure safe removal of blades from the packaging.

Please refer to our catalogue extract first when looking for scraper blades. Please feel free to contact our LUTZ BLADES team of experts here if you cannot find the model you need and would like detailed advice.

LUTZ Blades exactly
  • Razor-blade makers since 1922
  • LUTZ Blades - the can-do razor-blade makers

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