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LUTZ Blades – skinning and derinding blades for pork and beef processing

LUTZ Blades membrane skinning and derinding blades are designed for rapid, accurate processing of beef, pork, lamb, fish and poultry. Thus several market leaders have been using our blades to improve their cutting processes for years.

Your benefits of LUTZ skinning and derinding blades include

  • Fewer blade changes and higher productivity
  • Better meat yield through reduced waste, even with difficult meat
  • Reduced manual rework

LUTZ Blades has what you expect and more!

  • Careful selection of high quality Swedish steel
  • Excellent cutting edges
  • Accurate blade hardness
  • Standard and broad edge chamfers
  • Tracable batches

Our blades are used in all popular meat processing machines: Treif, Grasselli, Maja, Weber and Townsend.

LUTZ Blades provides both a line of industry standard skinning and derinding blades and a broad choice of custom items made to drawing to meet your special needs. Select your derinding blades and membrane skinning blades or contact our expert sales staff for further assistance!

LUTZ food processing blades

Food processing blades

  • high-performance coatings
  • stainless steel
  • batch traceability
Brochure: Food
  • Cut more cost-effectively with LUTZ machine knives and blades designed for the foods industry
  • A selection

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