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Technical blades of the highest qualities from LUTZ Blades

LUTZ Blades manufactures technical blades for a wide range of applications. These include cutting film, paper or fibres, applications in the trades, the food-processing industry, automotive industry and medicine.

Depending on the requirements, the material and coating are carefully selected to ensure the blade produces exactly the specified cutting effect. We can also manufacture blades to your own specifications if required. Thanks to our rapid prototyping techniques, we can create initial samples of your technical blades within a matter of days.

Whether the requirement is for razor-sharpness for extremely fine cutting, or robustness for impact and pressure cutting, our technical blades are manufactured in such a way that they will meet your sharpness and durability requirements. At LUTZ Blades we pride ourselves on our attention to safety: LUTZ Blades develops packaging systems made of plastic that enable individual blades to be extracted quickly and safely.

And this is how LUTZ technical blades can benefit you:

  • High-performance materials hand-picked to match each load type and customer's needs
  • Many different blade geometries and cutting-edge profiles
  • Hard coatings to match the application
  • Enhanced blade durability

Technical blades by LUTZ Blades have the following characteristics:

  • Perfectly matched to your cutting application
  • Individually designed blade length
  • Maximum sharpness
  • High stability

Select your technical blades from the catalogue extract or contact our expert sales staff, especially if you have a special application in mind which is not covered by a standard blade.

Packaging systems for LUTZ Blades
  • Active sales promotion thanks to transparent packaging
  • Safe thanks to plastic dispenser
  • User-friendly because blades can be taken out individually

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LUTZ Blades Rapid prototyping
  • samples within a few days
  • no tooling charges
  • smallest batch sizes
  • odd shapes and multi-edged blades

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