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Skinning and derinding blades made by LUTZ BLADES – increase the quality of your choice cuts

For years, LUTZ BLADES has been one of the market leaders in the manufacture of skinning and derinding blades, reciprocating knives and membrane skinning blades for butchers. LUTZ BLADES can provide you with a broad range of blades and cutters. The steel quality, cutting geometry and blade geometry for your skinning and derinding blades can be fine tuned for the perfect match. LUTZ BLADES' skinning and derinding blades are used among other applications for processing lamb, beef and pork. Tell us what machine you use and we will quote you for the right blade.

Hook blades made by LUTZ BLADES – very sharp. For good, efficient cutting

LUTZ BLADES hook blades have, for many years, been the better choice among professional tradespeople and industrial users. Accurate cutting and economic efficiency are just as crucial today as superior service lifetimes. LUTZ BLADES hook blades will fit in all standard universal and carpet knives. That way, you benefit from accurate cutting action and excellent cutting results – even with notoriously difficult materials. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you in defining exactly the right hook blades for you.

Circular blades made by LUTZ BLADES – razor sharp

Razor-sharp circular knives and circular blades made by LUTZ BLADES have, for some time, been acknowledged as being among the market leaders. Using LUTZ BLADES' circular blades means efficient working methods for you: Since the blades do not have to be changed so frequently, you will be able to achieve better cutting speeds. The material, material hardness and the grinding angle are selected in such a way that they match your cutting application perfectly. Allow LUTZ BLADES team of experts to advise you and you, too, can profit from excellent circular knives and circular blades.

Pointed blades made by LUTZ BLADES – the highest quality standard for your cutting processes

LUTZ BLADES pointed blades are of the highest quality, which is why they are used in so many and varied cutting processes. These include processing leather and plastics. LUTZ BLADES pointed blades guarantee effortless plunge cutting for a clean cut-off or to score soft and hard materials. Razor sharp on both sides and with a precisely centred, defined cutting tip, LUTZ BLADES' pointed blades are the ideal choice for your cutting applications.

Trapezoid blades made by LUTZ BLADES

For decades, LUTZ BLADES trapezoid blades and trapezoid knives have been used in industry and by professional craftsmen and craftswomen. Accurate, efficient cutting coupled with extended service lifetimes are but two of the many benefits offered by LUTZ BLADES trapezoid blades. They cut with less effort and need fewer blade changes and will fit all standard knives and cutter handles. Do you need trapezoid blades and trapezoid knives for your cutting applications? The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you.