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Mat cutters made by LUTZ BLADES – accurate and sharp

With its many different types and sizes of mat cutters, LUTZ BLADES has long been a partner of the most renowned manufacturers of photo-mount cutting machines. Even where material thicknesses, cutting speeds and cutting geometries are not uniform, with LUTZ BLADES mat cutters and photo-mount knives the cutting results are accurate and in line with your expectations. Clean-cut edges and perfectly shaped corners with no steps are a sign of the capability of LUTZ BLADES. These blades reduce manufacturing rejects. The material, material hardness, grinding angle and hard coatings are all ideally matched to your cutting application. If you do not find the mat cutter blades and photo-mount knives in our range of products, ask our LUTZ BLADES team of experts to advise you on individually crafted ones.

Broadheads and arrowheads – precision tools made by LUTZ BLADES

For many years, leading manufacturers of hunting equipment have been sourcing their broadheads from LUTZ BLADES. The sharpness and aerodynamics of these precision instruments are excellent. In addition, you will benefit from firm seating in the shaft with no play. Select your preferred arrowheads and broadheads from LUTZ BLADES' range. LUTZ BLADES' team of experts will be pleased to assist you in selecting the best broadheads and arrowheads.

Tungsten carbide blades made by LUTZ BLADES for longer service lifetimes and fewer blade changes

When cutting products such as chemical fibres, fibreglass and film, it is accuracy and performance that count. This is where tungsten carbide blades made by LUTZ BLADES come in. LUTZ BLADES tungsten carbide blades offer decisive advantages. Up to 600 per cent longer service lifetimes than blades made of steel generate much improved productivity. As regards the geometry of the blades, there is plenty of choice. Our LUTZ BLADES team of experts will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the best possible tungsten carbide blade for your application.

Ceramic blades and machine knives made by LUTZ BLADES

Ceramic blades can fulfil the highest demands as machine knives and industrial blades. Many market leaders, in particular in the fields of medicine, electronics and film manufacture, insist on LUTZ BLADES ceramic blades to deal with their cutting applications. Thanks to their razor-like sharpness, the many alternative grinding geometries and their applicability when cutting caustic materials, ceramic blades made by LUTZ BLADES are the better choice. In addition, they benefit from service lifetimes that are up to eight times longer than for blades made of steel. The team of experts at LUTZ BLADES will be pleased to advise you in defining exactly the right ceramic blades for you.

Technical blades to suit your particular cutting application

LUTZ BLADES manufactured technical blades for a broad spectrum of applications in industry, the trades and medicine. Material and cutting-edge geometry are adapted to match your cutting application. Whether you need razor-sharp blades or ones with an extra sturdy cutting edge: you can choose from our wide range of technical blades. Our LUTZ BLADES team of experts will be pleased to advise you if you have a particular solution in mind.