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LUTZ BLADES – Hard and frictionless coatings for extended lifetime and better blade performance

What applies to our materials, also applies to our coatings: there is no standard solution!

Instead, our experts advisors will recommend to you precisely the right coating for your specific cutting application.

Your benefits of LUTZ BLADES highperformance coatings include

  • Higher cutting speed, blade lifetime and process output
  • Improved cutting quality (e.g. through less edge build-up with film)
  • Better edge protection due to less friction and heat
  • Reduced cutting start-off or downtime during blade changes

The LUTZ BLADES coatings range includes the following choices:

ZrN DLC CrN Teflon® (PTFE)

Based on our many years of manufacturing and coating experience we will be pleased to recommend you the coating that improves your cutting application. Please contact our expert staff for further assistance!