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LUTZ BLADES Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

As a preferred partner for leading manufacturers or Research and Development companies worldwide LUTZ Blades develops and manufactures a broad choice made-to-drawing baldes and knives. Using our Rapid Prototyping approach we design and develop your custom blades within a few days in mass production quality without the expenses and risk of a large production run!

Your benefits of LUTZ BLADES Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing include

  • Pre-launch samples within a few days
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Smallest batch sizes in mass production quality
  • Efficient, accelerated product development
  • Development and optimization prior to series launch

LUTZ BLADES Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing approach offers you

  • Broad choice of expertly picked materials (stainless, carbon, HSS, tungsten carbide)
  • Blades in every conceivable shape and size, even odd shapes
  • CNC based grinding and cutting
  • Electronic inspection and measurement of critical requirements
  • Heat treatment know-how
  • High performance coatings (TiN, TiC, DLC others)

Click here to find out more about the way to your individual specialty blade and our Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing approach.

Our experience in successfully completing hundreds of custom blade projects make us an ideal vendor for Medical/Surgical companies, Research and Development firms, Manufacturing consultants and others. Browse through the selection of special-purpose models in the following list or contact our experts for further assistance on made-to-order blades and knives.