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The fastest way to the right blade


Are you looking for a replacement for a blade you currently use or distribute yourselves? Simply send us a completed copy of the questionnaire – online or by fax – and, if appropriate, a sample blade by post.

Cutting application

Are you looking for a blade to solve a specific cutting application for yourselves or a client? Where possible, please attach a sample of the material to be cut along with the questionnaire.


Do you wish to develop a blade or get one ready for the market? Just send us the questionnaire, a sketch and a prototype – that's all we need.

Enquiry form

Wherever possible, please also send us a sample of the material to be cut by post.

Sharpness, tolerances, materials, hardness, etc.

Send us a sample by post to the above address, or a photocopy of the blade by fax to +49 212 5966-26 or a digital image of the blade to us at info@lutz-blades.com.

Please enter the order numbers. (e.g. 2051.0500)

e.g. machine type and manufacturer

Anticipated monthly or annual requirements in terms of blades

Do you have any additional questions? We will be pleased to help.

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LUTZ Americas

LUTZ Americas
1928 Woodman Center Dr.
45420 Kettering, OH

+1 937 2933-662
+1 937 2934-280

Enquiry form for download

Simply download and fill in the questionnaire.

Fax the completed form to LUTZ BLADES: FAX: +1 937 2934-280. Or use our convenient online form on the left.